About Gabriel Fugate or Gobi

Expand Your Soul front cover


Gobi pours his heart into every performance empowering audiences to honor their own unique life-path through intense, heart-felt rhymes, lush, masterfully crafted beats, and rhythmic scratch techniques. Pursuing his dream of recording and producing his own albums took him from his hometown in the small coastal California community of Humboldt County to a professional Recording Arts degree program at the California State University of Chico and eventually to South India, Sri Lanka, and even Uganda performing for small and large crowds everywhere he went and recording a few of the musicians he met on his journeys.

Now, over 7 years in the making, overflowing with powerful life experiences, Gobi’s first full-length LP: “Expand Your Soul” is here.

“Music has not only helped me through some of the worst times in my life, but it has also defined some of the best while always pushing me to honor who I really am. My greatest hope is that the music I make and perform will inspire you in a similar way.” -Gobi

Bursting out of the studio in January 2014, heart first, armed with this powerful release Gobi is taking his highly developed live show on the road looking for crowds to rock and souls to expand. Already having shared stages with KRS-ONE, Talib Kweli, Nappy Roots, Lateef & Lyrics Born, The Coup, Sophistafunk, Luminaries, Berel Alexander, Zigzilla, and Area Sound to name a few, Gobi and his growing fan base are both hungry for more.

– For booking or creative collaboration inquiries: booking@thegobilab.com –

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